Carol Yundt, Juice Plus – Testimonial

Dear Carol Yundt,

From the first time, I listened to you speak about Juice Plus I was intrigued. I wasn’t just blown away by the results of Juice Plus but by your passion and dedication to helping others.

Once I decided to give Juice plus a try I was very pleased with the results. I noticed that I had more energy, woke up easier and experienced less occurrences of illnesses. I could clearly see that when others around me would get sick I wouldn’t. If by some chance, I began to come down with a cold or something I would double my dosage and it would quickly help me fight off the sickness or cut my recovery time in half.

In a busy, fast paced world it’s nice to know something so simple can make such a huge impact. Thank you for making such an impact on me.

Sincerely, Another satisfied friend and customer
Maurice Smith
MAS Construction Design & Consulting
Project Manager
Cell 773.981.7110