Jeff Grace, J L Grace & Associates/AFLAC – Testimonial

My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We had no knowledge of family history previous to her diagnosis. After doing some family research my mother found out there were cases of different types of cancer in her lineage. The details however were unclear.

In the months previous to this Jeff Grace had spoken to me about supplemental insurance coverage. He spoke of all the different options and I thought cancer coverage wasn’t relevant to me at my age. My mother’s diagnosis changed that for me. I contacted Jeff and asked him to meet with me to discuss coverage options and cost.

At our meeting Jeff went over the details of the coverage options. When I asked him about the cost of the coverage he not only showed me the premiums for each plan but also created different scenarios of coverage to compare pricing. I was able to fit the cost of coverage into my budget without sacrificing needed coverage.

I feel good about having the extra help in place without putting a strain on my budget. I will definitely refer family, friends and co-workers to him.

Laura Butolph